Great West, LLC´╗┐

In an industry composed of thousands of intricate parts, finding a company you can trust and rely on is sometimes a challenge.  Great West has earned the confidence of many and will earn your confidence with:

- Commercial people with over 75 years' worth of knowledge and experience with products, customers and suppliers in the industry.
- Competitive pricing based on the volume of product we handle and our positioning within the industry.
- Strong transportation relationships with many reliable carriers and logistics partners that we continue to develop and maintain.
- Financial stability which provides you the assurance that we will be there no matter what the economic situation.
- An extensive customer and supplier base, which allows us to efficiently inventory and distribute the products we buy, sell, process, and collect.
-A fundamental belief and practice that once we make a commitment, we fulfill that commitment. 


  • Great West, LLC specializes in processing, exports, imports and trade of animal by-products and beans.